About Katherine Community Radio

Katherine Community Radio got started in the late 80s when Bob Buckee and Mike Smith formed a committee to canvas support.

Several test broadcasts were held in various spots around town:

  • 1st was at the Show in a caravan
  • 2nd was at Crossways: Mike Smith had ‘fun’ putting an aerial up
  • We also used the original studio for many broadcasts
  • Test broadcasts were initially for 3 days [Fri>Sun]
  • Later they went for a week [from Test Broadcast to,  4>12]
  • Our last Test Broadcast went a fortnight

The RAAF became involved after Tindal opened:

  • John helped mike with several engineering and technical matters tasks, RAAF helped out with equipment e.g. put up aerial at original studio, and provided presenters.

After 13 test broadcasts, managed by Bob Buckee and Mike Smith, we put together a submission and by mid 1990s were granted a full-time license

Katherine Community Radio involved many people as presenters in our test broadcasts:

  • Kids from the high school
  • Kids from Barunga
  • A wide variety of adults (!) – needless to say, we presented a wide variety of music

In 1998,  we went under in The Great Flood & moved upstairs.

Meet Our Presenters

Meet the hard working volunteers who make 101.3 Katherine FM what it is.
Jon Raynor

Jon Raynor


Chairman of the board. Also has a radio show

John Zelley

John Zelley

Technical Officer

Technical Director of an outside broadcast company.

Desmond Eagle

Desmond Eagle

Graphic Designer

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Ruby Von Rails

Ruby Von Rails

Lead Developer

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Find us at the office

Katherine Training Centre, 19 Second st Katherine. top level J block Katherine river end

Give us a ring

+61 88971-1889
Mon - Fri, 8:00-16:00

TalkBack Lines

+61 87913-0030

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